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DDD-Podcast: 2017-01-29



Q&A: Threats To Organic Farming Are Soaring


Check out our new crappy games... let us know how crappy you think they are... lol

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Is the DD&D Podcast dead? :/


No one was calling in anymore, not even my co-hosts. Now T-Mobile is charging me to call my own podcast. So unless David-Ray remembers to call me Sundays at 7-8pm central, there will be no podcast... basically David-Ray has to call me & the podcast on three-way since he is the only one who can call it for free still. So David-Ray is the new host and I am now the co-host.


If I change carriers, which I am thinking about doing; we may or may not continue said podcast. The podcast does not generate any revenue, so paying more than I already am is not feasible since no one calls & our listens are few. If you would like to schedule a podcast, call David-Ray at 417.876.7288. If you would like us to keep podcasting, text David-Ray a reminder to call me & feel free to call in yourself; Sunday at 7pm central (CST) (during the winter) & 8pm central (CDT) (during summers) (daylight saving times is when we switch our times).


If you would like to finance or sponsor our podcast & would like us to continue; you can donate through PayPal, send funds to PayPal [at] KCLAI [dot] net - Otherwise this podcast will dwindle and/or just be sporadic; we will record podcasts when David-Ray remembers, so he is the new host and I am now the co-host. Thank you so much, CainO'


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Every Podcast is different, for we talk about everything under the sun. We have default topics, but we allow our callers to pick the subjects.

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Topics will very from week to week, topics are open to whatever our public wishes to discuss.




If the podcast ever takes off, we might go to BlogTalkRadio and take this podcast to the next level.

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Demented Dungeons & Dragons –
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This is not our "Full" Disclaimer, for there is not enough room to write such disclaimer. This podcast may be very controversial, actually it is. This podcasts is our personal opinions, our views and our beliefs; this podcast is for educational and/or entertainment purposes ONLY! Our opinions and religious beliefs are our own. Most of this is all hearsay evidence and is not admissible in court. Our first hand knowledge is your hearsay evidence and you should always go and do your own homework!

We are not necessarily encouraging you to overthrow any Terroristic Tyrannical De facto governments, medical establishments, fast food franchises, any religious or non-religious 5O1c3’s or anything of that matter. We do encourage you not to feed the beast, we do encourage you to love your neighbor, your community and your homeland. We do encourage you to do what is right, when it is right, because it is right. We do encourage you to protect your De Jure government, your sovereignty, your freedoms, and your liberty, and those same freedoms and liberties for your neighbor, your community, your people and your homeland.

The Lord gave you free will, please use it wisely? Pray it forward; pray for others as you would like them to pray for you. Love others as you would want them to love you. Please reed 1st Corinthians 13

We practice Gods medicine, NOT mans medicines. Any nutritional statements herd on this podcast is just our research and/or experience. Most of them may not be accepted by the FDA. Under the new world order rules, regulations, standards, codes and guidelines; we are not allowed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. But we cannot cure you, nor can your doctor; only you can heal yourself. Disease is a result of a nutritional deficient environment; feed your body right, and your body will cure itself.

Man and/or Other Animals, we are NOT man animals. As disribed in the FDA state and federal regulations under the U.S. Code › Title 15 › Chapter 2 › Subchapter I › § 55 (b), (d) & U.S. Code › Title 21 › Chapter 9 › Subchapter II › § 321 (f) and So forth. This podcast is NOT made for animals, this podcast is only for certain humans made in Gods image, endowed by God with certain enablable rights. If you are an animal, this podcast isn’t necessarily for you; please tell your human about us.




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